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Collectormania, Pt 2

May 1st, 2006 (06:16 pm)

Shuffled into the screen where the talk was being held - needless to say it was full! For the screening of Serenity we were told we would need to move screens as it was easier to move us than the PA system.

Alan & Ron were introduced, and Alan was clowning around, having trouble geting his water to stand up as his chair was on a slope. Once they got comfy Alan did a kind of introduction. Ron said `So, what movie are they showing? Dead Man Walking?`
*laughter* `Dead Man Sitting more like` said Alan. Alan gave Milton Keynes a shout out, and said the only part they had seen was the shopping mall which was very nice. Ron asked how many people there were actually from Milton Keynes and 8 or so hands went up. Alan said that he had been asked if there would be any sequels, and he is convinced that the verse will come back in some shape or form because there is so much interest. He saw an article in a new magazine at the airport on how the fans had basically got the film made. He said that Joss has some films to do first (he has been practising his lasso for Wonder Woman), but Joss has already said that if they do more both of them will be in it. They both said they would be there like a shot. Alan said that Joss has brought characters back from the dead before!

First question was whether either of them had been head hunted to appear anywhere, and they both laughed as apparently things just don't work that way. Alan said it had happened a couple of times in theatre productions when he already knew writers or producers and he loves that about working in the theatre. As far as movies are concerned, he has always auditioned. He mentioned the audition tape of his which is on the Firefly boxset, saying that he has no idea why it is only his that is on there, adding `It's such bulls**t`. He also said that tape was not the only audition he did and definitely not the reason he got the job! Ron let ALan ramble, then just said no at the end.

Alan was given some dinosaurs during the day, and was up to 5 in total over the weekend. He was asked if they were his idea or in the script - they were in the script. He was also asked which is his favourite dinosaur. He hadn't given it much thought but went for the washosaurus after some prompting from the audience! (If anyone reading this has no idea what the washosaurus is, it is a costume done for a fancy dress parade of Wash riding a tyrannosaurus rex. It was done by a girl called Clare Ramsey who works in TV makeup, so it looked amazing. Photo of it at a different event with stormtroopers is here: Photo by Darin Fryatt)

Someone asked if Joss consulted them about killing their characters off in the movie. Ron spoke first *shock* and said that Joss rang him before he read the script saying 'This is a good news, bad news call. The good news is that we're making the movie, the bad news is that you die!' Apparently Ron had a mixed reaction to this and wasn't convinced he wanted to do the movie, but Nathan heard about this and rang him saying that he had to do it and it wouldn't be the same without him. *if it is possible loves Nathan even more*
Alan said that Joss spoke to him too and explained how killing Wash was going to amp up the tension in the final battle scene so you wouldn't know if any of them would survive. He joked that we were going to see the version of Serenity where everyone on Haven dies except for Book which makes him look suspicious, and where Wash lands the ship and once they've landed leans down just when the lance comes through the window so it misses him, and he sits there going 'Woah, we'd better get out of here' It was funny when he said it!

They were asked about any favourite scenes that they shot during the series. Ron picked out his scenes with Jewel from the Pilot, where Kaylee calls him Grandpa and he replies `I never married` and the whole strawberry thing. Alan picked his scene with Nathan from Out of Gas where they are fighting because Zoe is injured and Mal orders him to the bridge. Apparently it was 4 pages of dialogue which they only got the nght before, but it was done in a couple of takes. He also picked the scene where the two of them were blindfolded in War Stories. He said they were real blindfolds, then realised that was a silly thing to say, so he joked that they were made of the kind of leather that you can't see through. Everytime they finished the scene he would think he knew roughly where he was but when he took the blindfold off he would be somewhere else completely.

A brave soul asked about the first actress cast as Inara and what it was about her that didn't work. Ron said `That question is illegal!` but then Alan proceeded to answer it! Apparently, she didn't fit in with the rest of the group and it was obvious right from the read through. She was sucking a lollipop at the table, had a little dog with her and sat there going `I haven't read the script. What, I'm a prostitute?` He just said that it was so obvious that she didn't fit, and Ron added that it was a happy divorce. Alan would love to know where the footage is from the two days of shooting that she did.

Last but not least, they were asked what projects they had coming up. Ron said that he is looking for work but nothing close enough that he could talk about. He mentioned that he has recently had a falling out with his agent who had got him an audition for a role that he didn't want to play. The role was a man in his mid 70's who can't remember anything. As Ron said - why would he want to play something that he is trying to avoid! Alan announced that just before he came he found out that he has been cast in a movie called Death at a Funeral. It will be shooting in London with mostly british actors - only one other american has been cast, Peter Dinklage from the Station Agent.

I think that was it - it was only half an hour. If I think of any more I will edit and add it in!

we then went out and watched the movie again - it was great to see it on the big screen again. Kerry and I agreed that it is hard to watch it now without thinking of the outtakes!

Roll on September when I can spend more time with the cast and fans at Serenity3!

I just remembered something else. Someone asked Ron whether he had thought up a back story for Book like Alan did for Wash (referred to in one of the episode commentarys where he says that he felt Wash spent the war in a prisoner of war camp with the shadow puppets). Ron said that Book was a ballet dancer to which Alan replied 'Yeah, cos that explains the Alliance clearance'.


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Posted by: Firkin' things (firko)
Posted at: May 1st, 2006 08:38 pm (UTC)
Mal - Sirkpega

Thank you very much. I just added something that popped into my head, so it might evolve a little yet. Loved Alan gossiping with us about the original Inara - her name was never mentioned although we all know it! See you at Serenity3!

Posted by: DarkEmeralds (emeraldsedai)
Posted at: May 2nd, 2006 01:04 am (UTC)
Broadway Now

Excellent report! Thank you so much for posting it.

Posted by: Firkin' things (firko)
Posted at: May 2nd, 2006 04:47 pm (UTC)
Jayne - Sirkpega

It was my pleasure!

Posted by: waitingforsimon (waitingforsimon)
Posted at: May 2nd, 2006 03:54 pm (UTC)

Hi I just friended you when I saw how much we had in common, I help run Alan Tudyk Online, and wondered if we could post this up? The link is on my prof?

Posted by: Firkin' things (firko)
Posted at: May 2nd, 2006 04:56 pm (UTC)
Wash - eyesthatslay

I've just friended you back ;)

You are welcome to post it, but please credit me as Firko. It's the name I use on nearly all the boards I visit!

Posted by: waitingforsimon (waitingforsimon)
Posted at: May 2nd, 2006 07:18 pm (UTC)

Yeah sure no problem Thanks,

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